Born in Alcoy (Alicante) Spain, based in Barcelona.
Studies in the School of Arts and Crafts in Alcoy (Alicante).

Collaboration as freelance:
Chispum, Chupa Chups,, Spanair, Kiss Comix, El País EPS, Televisual (uk) Observer (uk), Men’s Health (uk), Emecé Planeta, Woman, Primera Línea, Megatop, Marie Claire, Desigual, Disco 2000.

Collaborations as freelance in advertising agencies:
Tiempo BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Tribal DDB, Pradestanzersayegh PTS.

My work appears in several publications:
"Ilustradores españoles" by Mario Suarez / Publisher Lunwerg 2013, Revistart 2010, Illusive 2 illustration 2009, dpi Illustration of stylish femenine 2009, Actitudes, Arte y diseño, Belio 2002, Inocent Images book "John Workman" 2002 Uk, Ganadería Trashumante 2003, ATLAS international meeting of the furniture industry FIM / FEOEIM / Collection of illustrators "House of the Future" (Valencia) 1998.

2017—Participation with The British Heart Foundation in support of World Heart Day
2017—Poster for Fiestas de moros y cristianos Alcoy 2017 festives
2015—Soulmade BCN / The artist’s day
2013—Hartmann_La Santa Gallery. "Recovecos"
2012—Agora 3 Gallery (Sitges). Collective Exhibition "Recovecos Vivos"
2012—Art Window Gallery. Solo Exhibition "Recovecos Vivos"
2011—Espace Cultural Ample Gallery, collective Exhibition/Genero 4 "Mi contención después de ti"
2010—Espace Cultural Ample Gallery, collective Exhibition/ Genero 3 "Juego de la Seducción"
2010—Transforma, Solo Exhibition "Miss Flor"
2009—Espace Cultural Ample Gallery, collective Exhibition "Vanity" Tríptico- "Vana Gloria" "B-Side" and "Egola"
2008—Art Window Gallery, Solo Exhibition "Permiso para jugar"
2008—Art Gallery Desig / Erotic documented library. Solo Exhibition "Doodling" and "Permiso para jugar"
2005—Candela Expo_7, freelance illustrations collective Exhibition "Pin-Up" original covers of the magazine Kiss Comix
1999—Illustration Gallery La Guillotina (Valencia). "Pin-Up" original covers of the magazine Kiss Comix Editions La Cúpula, erotic cutouts, magnets and other things
1997—La Santa, collective Expo

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